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Where Should I Go on Holiday?

Here are Eight easy steps to help you and your family decide where should I go on holiday to go and spend your time..

1st.. Get yourself a Good Quality World Map to lay out and Plan! >>

1) City, Beach or Countryside? – Country Hideaway or Metropolis Adventure?

If you’re a big-time city slicker then maybe that quaint country getaway won’t be the best option, the same goes with if you’re planning a tropical sabbatical but then you hate the beach, then you’re not going to enjoy yourself, are you?

The key is to choose an area which you will have the most fun, feel the most at ease and be able to do what you please and look, at the end of the day, this is your holiday, and you need to be the one who is in control of what does happen and what doesn’t happen.

Because you work hard for your money, and you work hard to have a good time, and that’s exactly what you’re going to have on this holiday, so choosing an ideal destination is key, probably the most important.

You need to look at where you’re going to go and think about where would genuinely make you happy, regardless of what would be required to get there.

Because you will still need to budget out your money before you do anything more, but when that happens, be sure to let loose and be a little bit self-centered .

This is your holiday after all.

2) Hot or Cold Weather?

This is a major factor of your adventure, if you don’t like the cold, surprise, surprise, your potential Alaskan cruise won’t be so much fun, while a Desert safari might tick all the boxes.

Be mindful to include planning around seasonal events as well, July in Paris might be fantastic, but however if you don’t like the heat then you’re not going to enjoy this, perhaps go later in the year, Paris will still be fantastic and beautiful in December so just visit as a different time of the year and be able to enjoy it.

Make sure at the minimum is to check the local whether conditions during when you’re planning your trip, so you know what to expect instead of being shocked when you arrive.

3) Adventure or relaxation?

Do you want an adrenaline to rush all the time experience every crazy thing that a new city country or culture has to offer, or do you want to slow down and relax and enjoy the slower pace of life?

Both are great options, and completely different, so make sure to choose what your after in your holiday.

An adrenaline, thrill seeking junkie might be a tad bored confined to a museum or pool somewhere however might be completely at home on a jungle trek and skydiving adventure so choose wisely or maybe even include a little of both, which could be the clue to a perfect time, again the main takeaway here is preplanning and making sure you know what yourself want.

Again, the choice is yours, whatever you will like more should be your biggest concern.

4) Shopping, Culture, or Adrenaline?

Again this relates to the point before, if your looking to spend some money in a foreign land and enjoy the finer things in far gone land or if your looking to a soak up some culture and savor ancient artefacts and monuments or if your aiming to ride on the edge and find every crazy, out there experience you can get your hands on, this is going to be different for every person so choose something that you will be excited by and others will be as well.

We don’t want to sound boring here, but we have to face the facts.. dodgy stuff is something that exists in society these days, and it’s something that you need to take into consideration before you book anything.

You could be planning on going to the most beautiful place imaginable, but if it isn’t safe, then is it worth the risk? Even so, if you decide to go ahead with it anyway, make sure you don’t stay in a bad neighbourhood.. because trouble can easily happen if you’re looking for accommodation on a budget.

Trust me, this kind of thing really is necessary.

5) Family, friends or maybe solo?

Who Are You Going to Go on Holidays With?

This is the most important question of them all, who are you sharing this with? Who are you going to spend your time with on this adventure?

If you’re going with your extended family on this potential trip, then your hostel hopping shoestring budget adventure throughout Asia might not be the best option for your group of aunties and uncles, perhaps maybe a resort escapes for all to enjoy.

These are important steps that you must decide on, you and your best mate might be able to live off the budget African Adventure, but your wife and two kids aren’t going to enjoy this as much, no doubt an adventure park would be a better option.

Make sure to keep this in mind while deciding and planning your holidays.

Your friends and family are there for a reason: to provide you with help, love, and support as you venture through this crazy thing called life. While it may not seem that important in the grand scheme of things, asking for their advice on holiday destinations could be quite useful.

Your parents are probably likely to be experienced when it comes to travelling and even if they aren’t, they’ll be sure to give you some interesting insights into some of the places you want to go to. If nothing else, hopefully, this entry can make for some interesting across the dinner table  conversation.

Compromise with fellow travellers. If the group is equally torn between two different destinations, work toward an agreement. Ask for everyone’s reasons for their preferred choice. Based on these, try to find a solution by considering things such as:

  • The likelihood of being able to travel as a group again in the future so you can visit both.
  • Whether individuals in the group will have a chance to go to their top pick on their own in the future.
  • Timely considerations, like the season, special events, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
  • Whether a previous option that has already been nixed for this or that reason should be reconsidered if everyone can agree to it.

6) Independent travel or have everything organised for you?

Do you want to land in a new country and must figure it out on your own, this could lead to great things, crazy adventures, and unbelievable experiences you could never have thought possible, however you could also be stressed, lost, and confused and spend a big part of your trip finding an atm or finding someone who can help you with directions?

This is where a travel agent or a professional planner comes into play, they can work out where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how much money do you want to spend, this can lead to an easy and straightforward journey.

Like we said before, things can get dicey, that’s just how things are, be prepared and having preplanning can remove this.

Research travel destinations.

Consult websites and brochures to find locations offering the experiences that you are seeking and that can accommodate the group you’re traveling with (or just you).

Use tourism websites, travel blogs, and travel guides to gain an idea of what is actually out there.

Search by location (say, “Italy”) or interests (like “Top 10 Destinations for Rock Climbing”).

Ask friends, family, or other associates for recommendations and warnings based on their own travels. However, maintain a healthy skepticism when researching.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Sources that are attempting to sell you something.
  • Out-of-date information
  • Existing reviews based on a different set of criteria than yours.

7) Budget or splash the cash? Or somewhere in the middle?

We all love the plan of a all luxury journey spent with the best food, chauffeurs and crazy experiences the best that money can buy, of course this isn’t always practical, this is going to be astronomically expensive and leave a potentially big dent in your finances, that’s why being practical and reasonable with your money you have or want to spend on your trip will save you that potential financial crunch after splurging too much.

You can find fantastic deals and travel and have an amazing time for cheap this is very possible and can be done by everyone. Find cheaper flights, a little deal on you accommodation, find some cheaper local foods instead.

This can make your trip something that you can find in your budget to afford, or if money is no issue to you, then ignore this advice and spend as much as you want on all the great things you can, you deserve it.

Every country has a ‘alternate city’ and that city is often a much cheaper and a more unique alternative to the capital city

You’ve found a place you want to go. Book it now. Go on, book it. Don’t think about it for 3 weeks and then think a bit more and then realize you’ve missed the opportunity.

Where should I go on holiday with cheap flights
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8) Go Off the beaten track or Go to a tried and tested destination?

Researching holidays is a lengthy process that has changed dramatically over the years, and that’s not a secret. Instead of heading into Thomas Cook or Thomson for a brochure, most people take to the internet to figure out where they want to spend their time off.

Alas, things have developed even further in the last few years, to the point where apps and sites like Pinterest and Instagram are useful. Both functions allow you to look at what these places look like visually, and if you dig beyond the images that look like they’ve been photoshopped, you’ll find some authentic photos that could really help you out.

You can research obscure, out of the way locations that’s hold special experiences and areas or you can decide to see the big locations, for example, Paris, London, Barcelona, Bahamas, Bali, Phuket, and so on, these locations are known for their tourist appeal and you probably have seen these in movies and television and magazines countless times beforehand however more obscure destinations such as less well known countries or even like we talked about before, the less famous cities of these countries, such as Manchester over London or Marseilles over Paris can lead to some fantastic ideas for a holiday slightly off the beaten track.

However, if you don’t do things by halves, countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia are often much less visited by foreign tourists and can be incredibly exciting and different destination for your holiday.

Now, last but not least, you have chosen a suitable destination for your travels, you know what the weather will be like and if you have followed our advice and read the eight steps above you will be able to embark on a fantastic journey, either solo or with your friends or family and you can have an amazing time doing something that you love in a destination that you specifically chose.

Well, now you might as well go ahead and book your ideal holiday straight away!

The Rest Is Up to You

Just remember this simple Eight stage guide when someone asks you the question that you once grappled with “Where Should I Go on Holiday?”

Author – NIC CRAIG (Twitter @KingFutura)

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