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Now comes the exciting part of the holiday. Securing your dates, and it’s time to Book Flights.

You have processed your leave application with your employer, and they have approved it! Make sure they have approved your holidays, as that will make for a very expensive mistake if you start shelling out for Flights and Accommodation.

Some Helpful Tips To Booking Flights

Look for Airfares EARLY.. and Look REGULARLY!

Airfares are constantly changing. They change with the times, they change with the seasons. Keep looking at flights, and remember the deals on offer.. after a while, you will see the best prices, and then it’s time to book!

Some Days can be Cheaper Than Others

Try and avoid flying Saturdays and Sundays. With people heading to and from family, you will find you can save some dollars flying Mid-Week.

Fly Red-Eye

Taking the Red-Eye flights, like midnight take off, can save you some valuable dollars. It’s not like you have a meeting to get to, you will be on holiday. So don’t sweat it!




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